November 13-21, 2020

Celebrating the drive, spirit, and diversity of women through film

Nov. 13-21, 2020

We'VE gone virtual.

For the last thirty-two years you’ve been coming to us, so this year we’re coming to you!  Thanks to our partnership with the online streaming platform Eventive, you will be able to watch the 2020 line up of films from your home. It’s certainly going to look and feel a little different than what we are used to, but isn’t that what this year is all about?

Inspire, educate, and Entertain

The Female Lens

The longest-running women’s film festival in North America honors films and filmmakers that present the world as women experience it. The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival showcases documentary, narrative, shorts, and animated films that are thought-provoking, enriching, and encourage both global awareness and personal growth.

founded in 1987

It all started with two women and a great idea on the road back from the Telluride Film Festival in 1987. More than thirty years later that idea has produced the longest running women’s film festival in North America!  Thirty years of making a difference to people in our community. Thirty years of learning, of discovery, of exploration, of experiencing, and of celebrating the drive, spirit, and diversity of women.

Donna Guthrie & Jere Martin

“I think we all had our different reasons for getting involved. The shared goals were to bring alternative, diverse visions of women’s stories to our community and celebrate women’s creativity. Our intention was to expand people’s consciousness, including our own, and continue to grow wiser about all the important issues facing us in this complex world of special interests and the deft marketing of viewpoints connected to consumerism.”

Jere Martin, Origin Statement

Community Through Film

Cynthia Doty
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Love, love, love this festival...both as a volunteer and as an attendee. Well organized, well thought out, thought provoking, and a great spectrum of films. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic. It has a really upbeat vibe! My favorite part is the filmmakers forums.
Ann Phillips
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We loved everything about the festival this year. Your choice of films was great! Thanks to each and every volunteer. We appreciated your help, your enthusiasm, and some of you holding the umbrella for us as we crossed the street in the rain! My one problem was reading the tiny print on a dark background in your program. Next year I will bring a magnifying glass. Thank you all again.
Thom Phelps
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RMWFI celebrates great film by and for women. For 21 years, I've been attending the film festival and every year my horizons have been broadened a little more, I get a few steps closer to enlightenment, and my appreciation for the world around me is deepened.
Debbie Davidson
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Once again, the festival was a weekend jam-packed with thought-provoking, entertaining, world-broadening films. Their impact has changed the way I look at my personal care products, service dogs in the community, even football games! So many amazing films, so little time; thank goodness for the RMWFI library!

Rocky Mountain Women's Film

The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival could not exist without the remarkable support it receives from its sponsors. The event provides an outstanding marketing platform, and sponsorships are customized to meet each partners unique objectives. 

Interested in getting more involved? We are always looking for enthusiastic, committed volunteers to help produce the annual festival and our other events throughout the year!


English Family Foundation
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