Building community around film

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Women’s Film builds community around film by elevating the stories of women and others who are often unheard or unseen. As a women-led organization, we seek to discover, support, connect, and inspire filmmakers while cultivating connection and conversation around their work.

Our Vision

We believe that an authentic story driven by women and others who are often unheard or unseen has the power to spark new levels of empathy and understanding, stimulate constructive discourse, and lead to cultural and community connection through awakening new ideas, entertaining and delighting audiences, and pushing creative boundaries. We believe that experiencing this wider breadth of stories is important to a healthy and thriving culture for all people.

The power of film

We. Love. Film! Films can change our mood — make us laugh, cry, gasp, swoon; they can change our mind — bring up questions, show us a different angle, provoke a conversation. They entertain us and capture our imaginations. They transport us to another world; they shine a light on on the issues plaguing ours.
As a film organization, we want to cultivate the joy of experiencing film and harness the power of films that help people communicate and connect with each other around that shared experience.

Our values

Rocky Mountain Women’s Film was founded and will continue to be led by women because we believe in the unique power, connection, and strength in women-led community. 

Along with our mission to amplify and elevate a wider range of voices through film, we are committed to these values that drive our organization.

CURIOSITY + Enrichment

The power of under-represented voices

From our origins of elevating the under-represented voice of
women, we seek out and amplify the voices that need to be heard in our community through our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Linda Broker

Executive Director

Linda’s passion for film started when she first volunteered for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival 25 years ago. She served as chair of the Film Selection Committee for three years before being hired as the first Executive Director in 2001.

Favorite Activities: traveling, hiking, talking about films, and playing with her dogs.

Karen Walldorf

Technical Director

Karen began volunteering for RMWF in 2007. She has spent her career in a variety of capacities including a technical writer for the power industry as well as a middle school math teacher. Creatively inclined, but a linear thinker, Karen has combined her interests as the Technical Director for Rocky Mountain Women’s Film.

Favorite Activities: hanging with her two girls, skiing, and traveling.

Sarah Mishler

Marketing Director

Starting as a volunteer in 2014 and joining the staff in 2016, Sarah has brought a wealth of experience in the area of marketing, communications, and project management to help raise the brand recognition for RMWF.

Favorite Activities: kayaking, hammocking, and binge-watching tv or film.

Kathy Stults

Development Officer

Kathy has spent 43 consecutive years working with at-risk youth in school settings including opening up a school for girls rescued from sex trafficking in 2015. As a volunteer for the organization for more than 18 years, she started the Youth Outreach Program.

Favorite Activities: hiking, dancing, biking, eating soul food, and asking people to support RMWF.

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