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As an ongoing  commitment to build community around film, we welcome you to explore a catalog of titles that have been shown at the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival over the last 35 years. These films celebrate the drive, spirit and diversity of women, while sharing the stories and experiences of those often unheard or unseen.

The Best Chef in the World

The French Laundry, run by legendary chef Thomas Keller, has often been recognized as the best restaurant in the world, but few know the story of its original founder, Sally Schmitt. In an emotional final interview before her passing in March 2022, Sally tells her own story as a pioneering chef of California cuisine and sets the table for another way to look at life: where balance, rather than recognition, is the ultimate prize.

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Daughter of the Sea

Battling deep depression, Jaeyoun returns to her roots on the island of Marado, South Korea, to visit her family of female free divers known as haenyeo. To her surprise, she finds a connection to nature and her ancestors that saves her life.

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You Were My First Boyfriend

In this high school reunion movie turned inside out, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo circles back to her tortured adolescence, wondering if she remembered it all wrong. Oscillating between present-day, real-world encounters and fantastical re-stagings of her most primal teen memories, YOU WERE MY FIRST BOYFRIEND is a hybrid documentary that explores growing older and making peace with the things that haunt us.

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A Good Neighbor

A Good Neighbor is a feature-length documentary about a Latina single mother’s fight against racism and climate change as she campaigns for city council in one of the nation’s most polluted zip codes.

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26. 2 To Life

Behind the walls of San Quentin State Prison, three men sentenced to life in prison for murder undertake running a marathon on a quest for redemption and freedom — or something like it.

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The Test

A Ghanaian maintenance technician at a Virginia retirement community dreams of becoming an American citizen to provide a better life for his family. With their future at stake, he enlists the help of two elderly residents to prepare for the biggest test of his life: the US Citizenship exam.

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Breaking the News

Seeking to buck the white male status quo, a group of women and LGBTQ+ journalists launch a news startup asking who’s been omitted from mainstream coverage, and how to include them.

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Born for This

Determined not to become another statistic of the Black maternal health crisis, one couple chooses the rare option of hiring an experienced midwife and doula and planning to give birth at home, away from the hospital and all of its interventions. But the baby has other plans, and despite all of the team’s efforts, they end up transferring to the hospital at the eleventh hour. This is the story of the birth of one baby, with its family caught between two very different approaches to childbirth.

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Subject explores the life-altering experience of sharing one’s life on screen through the participants of five acclaimed documentaries. As tens of millions of people consume documentaries in an unprecedented “golden era,” the film urges audiences to consider the impact on documentary participants – the good, the bad, and the complicated.

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Dear Thirteen

Dear Thirteen weaves together nine stories of thirteen-year-olds from across the globe. Video diaries and candid interviews reveal how global issues are shaping – and being shaped by – young people: rising anti-Semitism in Europe, guns in America, gender identity and racial divisions across Australia and Asia. This empathetic portrait of a new generation goes beyond stereotypes of adolescence to capture the complexity of finding a way into adulthood today.

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Library Policy

Films are available to borrow for all local residents of the Pikes Peak Region. Up to THREE FILMS (3) may be checked out at one time for up to TEN (10) DAYS. 

These DVDs are the property of Rocky Mountain Women’s Film. Use is authorized for private home screenings only. Reproduction or public showings of these films, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. If you are interested in showing a film to a larger audience, please contact RMWF to make arrangements with the appropriate distributor and/or filmmaker.


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