Announcing the Revamped RMWF Film Library

Rocky Mountain Women’s Film has an exciting new announcement about our film library! 

Throughout the years, many of you have avidly borrowed from our in-person film library. We’re excited to say that now, watching your favorite RMWF films and discovering new gems will be easier to do than ever before.

Our film collection has been revamped and digitized – many films from our annual Festivals are now available through our RMWF Library. Just click on a film you’re interested in, and you’ll be taken to its dedicated film page, where on the right hand side, the JustWatch widget will tell you exactly where a film is streaming and available online. You’ll see that many of the films are available on sites you might already have a subscription to or find that they’re easily available to rent. In fact, many films are streaming for free on Kanopy, a website that allows you to watch films free of charge as a member of the Pikes Peak Library District. If a film isn’t available online, call us – we might have a DVD copy on our shelves that you can borrow from our Madelyn Osur Film Library.

Can’t decide what to watch? We’ll also be putting out curated lists of films regularly, making it easy to find something that speaks to you– maybe even a new favorite.

RMWF is here to elevate the stories of women, and build community around film– we’re thrilled that the RMWF Catalog will make those stories more accessible and keep that community growing strong.

To get you started, our staff wanted to recommend some of their favorite films from the years, all of which can be found on major streaming platforms or on Kanopy– we can’t wait for you to watch them, too. Start a conversation, we’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. 

Linda Suggests

BAG IT, screened in 2011

At the risk of selecting the obvious, one of my top picks would have to be BAG IT. Not only is it highly entertaining to watch, but it profoundly impacted how I currently view and interact with single use plastic items. The overall message may be a bitter pill to swallow, it’s wonderfully buried in a scoop of ice cream. 

~Linda Broker, Executive Director

Karen Suggests

It’s always great to attend the festival to see the most current and inspiring stories, but if you weren’t able to make it for any reason here are the titles that are already available online!

~Karen Walldorf, Assistant Director

Kathy Suggests

SIN BY SILENCE, screened in 2009

This film moved me on two levels.  First, it brought to life the strength of these women both as victims of domestic violence and their ability to survive the California prison system – elevated by the fact that one of the women was able to attend our festival and share those stories in person.  But secondly, their commitment to changing the law, rectifying the situation not only for themselves but for others.

~Kathy Stults, Development Officer

Catherine Suggests

ITZHAK, screened in 2018

Whoa, so many films to choose from and I’m sure my choice would vary based on my mood for the day. But my pick is ITZHAK. To me it’s an uplifting and encouraging film of the life of violinist Itzhak Perlman and his remarkable life despite his diagnosis of polio. It’s a very funny film to boot…and bonus, his wife Tobi is hilarious, and is really the gem of this documentary.  

~Catherine Creppon, Marketing/Communications

Camille Suggests

KUESSIPAN, screened in 2021

2021 was my first time experiencing the RMWFF, and KUESSIPAN blew me away! It’s a really sensitively done portrayal of a young Indigenous woman living on a reservation in Canada. I love how it handles her exploration of her identity and family, her complicated relationship with her childhood best friend as they navigate growing up, and her first romance.

~Camille – Operations Assistant

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