Wormhole, The

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are so profound or so tragic that there is forever a “before”

Uphill All The Way

As part of their correctional school programs, five troubled teenage girls ride bikes from Canada to Mexico. As they struggle up the mountains of Canada and Colorado, they mature in ways visible, thought provoking and completely unexpected.

The Collector of Bedford Street

Larry is an activist, fundraiser extraordinaire, and developmentally disabled. Meet his neighbors who bring new meaning to the term community. Funny. Warm. Inspiring. Larry has a compelling personality you will never forget.

Smith Family, The

Even after the devote Mormon Steve Smith contracted AIDS from a relationship with a man, his wife, Kim, remained devoted and kept the family together and they thrived. In the end, it is simply a love story.


Marina Flores, 1990, Norma Aguilar, 1991, Maria del Rosario Gomez, 1993, . . . These are the names of young women, many working in the maquiladoras”?assembly plants that line the Mexican-American border near Ciudad Juarez. All slender, dark-skinned, and long-haired, they began to disappear in 1990. At the time this film was completed, 230 girls …

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Ruthie & Connie: Every Room in the House

Friendship grew between two married women who were community activists and raised children together. A film about love, courage, and the price two women paid to be themselves ?

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