Umoja – No Men Allowed

Umoja  – No Men Allowed tells the amusing and life-changing story of a group of impoverished tribal Samburu women in Northern Kenya who reclaim their lives, turning age-old patriarchy on its head when they set up a women’s only village.Their story began some years back, when around 600 women claimed British soldiers raped them. When the women returned …

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We Still Live Here

Celebrated every Thanksgiving as the Indians who saved the Pilgrims, then largely forgotten, the Wampanoag of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, spurred on by their intrepid Wampanoag linguist and MacArthur honoree Jessie Little Doe Baird, are saying loud and clear, in their Native tongue, “Âs Nutayuneân,” – “We still live here.”

Pushing The Elephant

Pushing The Elephant chronicles the story of Rose Mapendo and how she escaped from the ethnic violence of the Democratic Republic of Congo to become a vital voice to help mend her divided country. She has assisted dozens of survivors to recover and rebuild their lives. But there is still one person Rose must teach to forgive – her daughter Nangabire.

Raising Renee

Artist Beverly McIver was enjoying a skyrocketing career when a casual—yet life‐changing—promise made to her mother years before came due. Filmed over 6 years by Oscar nominees Jeanne Jordan and Steven Ascher, RAISING RENEE explores deep themes of family, race, class, disability and art through the interplay of painting, cinema and everyday life.

Strangers No More

In the heart of Tel Aviv, there is an exceptional school where children from forty-eight different countries and diverse backgrounds come together to learn. Many of the students arrive at Bialik-Rogozin School fleeing poverty, political adversity and even genocide. Here, no child is a stranger. Strangers No More follows several students’ struggle to acclimate to life in …

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Summer Pasture

Summer Pasture is a feature-length documentary about a young nomadic couple living with their infant daughter in the high grasslands of eastern Tibet. Filmed during the summer of 2007 with rare access to an area seldom visited by outsiders, Summer Pasture offers an unprecedented window into a highly insular community and a sensitive portrait of …

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