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Madelyn Osur

On February 15, 2005, our dear friend Madelyn Osur lost her battle with breast cancer. Madelyn had been an active member of the Festival’s Operations Committee for the past ten years, served on the Board for seven years, and for the past five years served as Chair of the Film Selection Committee. In her memory, one film is selected each year from the Festival line up that we feel best exemplifies Madelyn’s spirit – her zest for life, her caring and generous nature, and her ever-optimistic attitude.

“Madelyn loved films that were a poignant, but never sloppy, examination of the human condition–from a woman’s perspective. Films that explored relationships–especially between women, most especially between mothers and daughters–were high on her list as were films on subjects of personal interest–dance, animals (especially cats), and anything Jewish. If it was a little quirky or unusual, that was good, too. She gravitated toward the new take on everyday life realities and honest treatment of universal truths. No matter the subject, however, Madelyn never compromised her commitment to excellence in filmmaking and film quality in choosing festival films.” – Jody Alyn, Board Member.

It is our hope that with every “Madelyn’s Choice” selection we are all reminded of the kind of person she was, the values she held, and the unparalleled commitment she had to not only this event, but to everything in her life.

2023 winner

You Were My First Boyfriend

Directed by Cecilia Aldarondo

In this high school reunion movie turned inside out, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo circles back to her tortured adolescence, wondering if she remembered it all wrong. Oscillating between present-day, real-world encounters and fantastical re-stagings of her most primal teen memories, YOU WERE MY FIRST BOYFRIEND is a hybrid documentary that explores growing older and making peace with the things that haunt us.

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