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Make the most of your festival experience

Film is for everyone

Film is one of the most accessible, inclusive, and engaging forms of art. Film can transport us to another world. Film can shine a light on issues. Film can envelope us with joy. At the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, we want to cultivate the joy of experiencing film and create shared experiences for all who attend.

Venues, blocks, & passes, oh my!

Planning your festival

We know festival planning can seem overwhelming.

So we’ve curated the best way to plan an unforgettable festival weekend.

01.Timing is everything

Many long-time film fans and local cinefiles take full advantage of all the weekend has to offer, watching as many films as the schedule allows. Other people prefer to dip in and out, sprinkling other activities in with their film viewing. However you choose to fest, we have a pass or ticket option to allow you to enjoy the Festival at your pace.

If you just have a day

Choose a pass that allows you to see all the films before 6PM on Saturday or Sunday.

If you have a weekend

The Weekender Pass allows you access to all the films throughout the weekend, including Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday.

Need some flexibility?

The Flex Pass allows you to pick and choose any four blocks to attend. Each punch of your pass gives you access to one block of films.

02.Find your must see films

You are your own best curator! Imagine going to a five star restaurant where everything on the menu is super tasty. That doesn’t mean you are going to like everything – which is why you read through all the offerings before ordering what best suits your palate. The exact same applies to selecting your films for the weekend. Every film has something to offer, but some will speak to you more than others.  

Selecting your lineup

03.Pick your blocks

The RMWFF creates each year’s film schedule within a block system. Each block starts at the same time in various venues. Some blocks contain a single feature, others may include two or more films, depending on length. The schedule is not designed to have people change venues during a block so once you choose, commit!  This allows you and the other patrons to enjoy all of the programming without disruption.

A block refers to the time scheduled for programming – very similar to a class period from when you were in school. Blocks all begin at the same time at each venue, with enough time between each to allow people to move from one venue to another (just like passing period in high school, but with less chaos!).
There are six blocks on Saturday and five on Sunday. You are free to attend any block of films with your pass; however, while your pass guarantees you a seat it does not guarantee you any specific film. Theaters do fill up, so if there is a film that you have your heart set on seeing plan to arrive at least ten minutes before the block is scheduled to start. Block Three is when most people typically grab lunch, and either attend a Filmmakers Forum or enjoy some time with friends discussing – what else – films!
The schedule allows for ample time to move from one venue to another between blocks. The schedule is not designed to allow changing venues during a block as it is disruptive to others in the theater.

Part of the fun of attending a film festival is selecting your own programming! Whether you map out your strategy well ahead of time or just wait to see where you land once you arrive, it’s all up to you.

04.Plan your breaks

It isn’t a festival without some festive activities to complement your film watching! Make sure to build in some time to relax and recharge, whether it’s by attending any of the below options, or just taking a break from film-watching to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Filmmakers Forums

Choose from multiple panels featuring guest filmmakers. Enjoy two options on Saturday and one panel on Sunday. Grab your lunch and come enjoy an engaging discussion!

Weekend events

In addition to films, there are also some great parties during the weekend including the Opening Night Gala, our Saturday Night Bash, and our Late Night Gathering at the Mining Exchange Hotel. And, of course, our ever-popular cookie and coffee break each afternoon.

Hospitality Tent

We are excited to offer a variety of lunch options to our patrons! Several food trucks will be on hand along with a catered buffet for you to choose from.

Hotel, dining, and parking

Check out these details to help make your Festival weekend smooth and enjoyable. 

Hotel deal

The Mining Exchange – Official host hotel for the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival. Built in 1902 as a stock exchange for local mining companies, The Mining Exchange, A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs.

Restaurants Nearby
Parking info

Pick your pass

Whether your plans include attending films from opening night through end of day Sunday,

or just watching a handful of films throughout the weekend, we have a pass to fit you! 

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