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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott has worked in theater, film and television for over 35 years. She is a an Academy Award nominated director, a writer, producer, actress, parent, college level teacher, advocate for the disabled, cinematographer, New Day film distribution cooperative member-owner, wife, and voiceover artist. A published and produced playwright of both adult and children’s plays, she is currently directing and co-producing the documentary Diana and Kathy: Body and Soul. In addition she is shooting Becoming Kelly about an actor?s journey to become an actress and the transgender experience. Her short documentary, The Collector of Bedford Street, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002. It went to over 50 film festivals and won 18 awards.

Last year, she taught at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and this year she will continue teaching there as well as initiate a documentary course at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. As a performer, she appeared on ABC’s daytime drama LOVING for ten years and made two feature films including Four Friends directed by Arthur Penn.

For major publishers in New York, she has recorded English as a Second Language programs and is one of the speakers on the TOEFL English Standard audio tests. In addition she has produced or performed in over 200 commercials. She teaches a voice over class for NYU?s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and coaches voice over clients, radio personalities, and public speakers.

She is a member of Actors Equity, American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, Screen Actors Guild, NYU Adjuncts Union, New York Women in Film and Television (former board member and secretary), and the Voice and Speech Trainers of America.

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