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Micki Dickoff

Emmy Award winner Micki Dickoff has been an independent filmmaker and social activist for more than 25 years. She passionately believes in the power of film to touch hearts, change attitudes and foster positive social change. Her documentary and dramatic films have dealt with such issues as AIDS, human rights, poverty, and the justice system, and have been seen on PBS, ABC, Bravo, Lifetime, Court TV, Channel 4/London and the BBC.

Ms. Dickoff?s independent production company, Pro Bono Productions, develops and produces socially relevant narrative and documentary films. In 2007, she completed STEP BY STEP, a feature documentary about forgiveness, reconciliation and the death penalty told through the eyes of murder victims? families against execution. In 2008, she made GET ON BOARD, a short film about civil rights activist Ben Chaney who takes a group of young volunteers to register voters, and in the process, teaches them how one person can make a difference. Teaming with Tony Pagano on her latest feature, NESHOBA, the film explores whether the prosecution of one 80-year-old unrepentant Klansman 40 years after the murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi is sufficient justice to erase the stain of the past and promote racial healing. NESHOBA won Best Documentary at the Boston Film Festival, Indie Memphis, and the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, Best Mississippi Film at the Oxford Film Festival, and Best Political Documentary and Best Directors at the New York Independent Film Festival.

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