Rosemary Rawcliffe

Films by this filmmaker
Rosemary Rawcliffe

For more than 30 years, Rosemary Rawcliffe has produced and directed international programs in television, film, video and theater, starting at BBC Television, where she worked on major productions, including The Forsyte Saga, Dr. Who and Alice in Wonderland.

The span of her career includes producing work for the feature film and advertising industries as well as work commissioned by non-profit and corporate clients for use both in the private sector and for public broadcast. When Rosemary moved to the U.S. from her native England in 1989, she founded Frame of Mind Films to continue her work in America. A humanitarian, Rosemary’s passion and lifelong commitment is to create films and communicate stories that emphasize human rights-specifically those embracing women’s issues-and to bear witness to spirit, peace, hope and courage.

Rosemary’s interest in Tibet and women of spirit began many years ago, and her current project, the Women of Tibet film trilogy, brings together Tibet’s most articulate and dynamic women to tell the story of the Tibetan struggle for peace, freedom, justice and human rights.

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