Film has the power to influence change, provoke thought and encourage empathy. And without filmmakers there would be no film. For 35 years, RMWF has hosted hundreds of female filmmakers, who have been central to our success as we’ve watched their careers flourish and grow. This year, as we take time to reflect upon the legacy of RMWF, we want to celebrate those who have come alongside us. May 13-29, join us as we honor filmmaker and friend Lisa F. Jackson with a powerful schedule of her body of work (both virtually and in-person) and a pinnacle event with Lisa as the guest of honor. Click here to learn more about Lisa and her body of work. 

Made possible by the Lori Cohen Endowment, a RMWF Legacy fund.

Lisa F. Jackson

2022 Legacy Award Winner
What would you like your legacy to be as a filmmaker?

“As an independent you always feel like every film that your doing is both your first film, because it’s a whole new subject, a whole new set of people that you’re working with, [and] a set of unknowns that you haven’t even calculated, [and] it’s also possibly your last film, because if it tanks nobody’s going to hire you again. If it’s really a stinker, well ‘poof’, there goes your independent film career. But, I somehow had the great good luck, and great collaborators, and brilliant mentors to be able to just keep doing it. And, I hope that that’s part of my legacy. That you just gotta stick to it, ya know. Sell your sound equipment, have a bake sale, whatever. Ask your mother for money. Just the horrible humiliating things I had to do to just keep going. But I kept going. 

You know you make a film, and until other people see it, it’s not really real. And, even though you keep getting work there’s a deep insecurity that haunts most independent filmmakers. And, I remember coming [to the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival] and feeling embraced, and feeling valued, and thinking if this wonderful community of people thinks that my films have enough value that they would fly me out here, fill an auditorium, ask me questions….It always makes me feel that I can keep going.

Eight hundred films have been blessed, have been anointed by the incredible experience of this Festival. It’s awesome. It really is like no other. And this community is so amazing! Just thank you for this honor. Thank you for being, thank you for keeping on. Thank you for all of you who have supported this amazing, unique institution.”

"I love this festival with all my heart, and I'm kind of semi-retired, and the only reason I would keep on making films is so I could keep coming back to Colorado Springs...Here's to 35, 40, 45 because [Rocky Mountain Women's Film is] unique in the world and a gift to all of us.."
Lisa Jackson
2022 Legacy Award Winner
Patrimonio Film Poster


MAY 21: film screening with live filmmaker q&a

Ivywild School, 1604 S Cascade Ave
6:30 p.m. Doors Open | 7:00 p.m. Film Screening
followed by live Q&A with Lisa F. Jackson

PATRIMONIO begins in 2015 as a mega development is poised to engulf a small Mexican community with a vast hotel/condo complex called Tres Santos. Marketed to wealthy Americans as “green” and “mindful” Tres Santos threatens to transform and overwhelm the idiosyncratic desert town of Todos Santos, quadrupling its population and causing irreversible damage: not only are the fishermen being forced off the beach they’re used for generations but the developers would also drain an already diminished aquifer, taking drinking water from a town where many residents have little or no access. 

Lisa Jackson


MAY 22: AWARD reception

Epiphany, 32 S. Tejon St., Ste. 200
5:30 p.m. Cocktail Hour | 6:30 p.m. Program

Join us to honor filmmaker and friend Lisa F. Jackson in downtown Colorado Springs. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, a conversation with Lisa and award presentation.

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Now thru May 29: stream ONLINE

RMWF Office at Lincoln Center, 2727 N. Cascade Ave, Ste 140
6:30 p.m. Doors Open | 7:00 p.m. Film Begins
Capacity is limited, RSVP required.

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