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As an ongoing  commitment to build community around film, we welcome you to explore a catalog of titles that have been shown at the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival over the last 35 years. These films celebrate the drive, spirit and diversity of women, while sharing the stories and experiences of those often unheard or unseen.

It’s Only Life After All

Blending 40 years of home movies, raw film archive, and intimate present-day verité, a poignant reflection from Amy Ray & Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls – the iconic folk rock duo. A timely look into the obstacles, activism, and life lessons of two queer friends who never expected to make it big.

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La Singla

La Singla was born deaf and learned to dance flamenco without listening to music. At age 17, she revolutionized flamenco, but before turning 30 years old, she disappeared from the stage. Fifty years later, the time has come to tell her story.

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Makeover Movie

For more than a hundred years, movie makeovers have promised audiences that with a little help, any ugly duckling can transform into the belle of the ball. Featuring clips from nearly a hundred films, MAKEOVER MOVIE immerses us in the candy-colored and kinetic world of the makeover montage. Alongside these iconic images, women of color and queer women reflect on the racialized, heteronormative, and contradictory beauty standards at the core of the movie makeover.

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A decision delayed for decades allows a Kansas City family to finally unify when they do something that countless African Americans before them could not do—choose their own last name.

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Sydney G. James: How We See Us

Visual artist/muralist, Sydney G. James, addresses the status of Black women in society, police brutality, family and community through bold brushstrokes and hues that evoke the complexities of Black reality, joy, pain, and resilience. Inspired by personal experiences, current events and her hometown of Detroit, she invites conversations with family members and fellow artists as she creates a new work on canvas and transforms vacant walls into creative spaces.

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Team Dream

In the short documentary film TEAM DREAM we meet close friends Ann Smith and Madeline Murphy Rabb in their final days of preparation for the 2022 National Senior Games. While they train, we learn about their lives growing up amid segregation and stigma before breaking boundaries in their adopted hometown Chicago. A decade after joining Team Dream, a Chicago-based organization training women of color in swimming, biking and triathlon, the two women continue to reach goals they never thought possible. When Misha, a former Division I swimmer, helps them with their starts and turns, the women help her find her way outside the pool. The film culminates with Ann and Madeline competing at the games in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. TEAM DREAM shows you’re never too old to dream.

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The Best Chef in the World

The French Laundry, run by legendary chef Thomas Keller, has often been recognized as the best restaurant in the world, but few know the story of its original founder, Sally Schmitt. In an emotional final interview before her passing in March 2022, Sally tells her own story as a pioneering chef of California cuisine and sets the table for another way to look at life: where balance, rather than recognition, is the ultimate prize.

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The Mirror

An honest, at times absurd, conversation about being a Black woman in America, “The Mirror” is a short animated film that weaves the personal stories, experiences and reflections of nine Black women talking about their interactions with white people.

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When My Sleeping Dragon Woke

Veteran actor Sharon Washington commits to writing a play about her fairytale childhood living inside a New York public library, but there’s an unforeseen cost – waking the family dragon she thought she’d silenced decades ago.

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When Spring Came To Bucha

This personal account of the war in Ukraine was filmed in the first weeks after liberation of Bucha district. When Spring Came To Bucha follows several protagonists closely as they deal with the aftermath of a violent occupation on practical and psychological level. Stories about destroyed lives but also about humanity and hope, as the war in Ukraine continues to rage.

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You Were My First Boyfriend

In this high school reunion movie turned inside out, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo circles back to her tortured adolescence, wondering if she remembered it all wrong. Oscillating between present-day, real-world encounters and fantastical re-stagings of her most primal teen memories, YOU WERE MY FIRST BOYFRIEND is a hybrid documentary that explores growing older and making peace with the things that haunt us.

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Wild Waters

Adventurer, competitor, daughter, friend, pioneer, hero, and badass human are all words used to describe French kayaker, Nouria Newman. In Wild Waters, we follow Nouria as she prepares to become the first female to run a 100ft (30m) waterfall.

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Library Policy

Films are available to borrow for all local residents of the Pikes Peak Region. Up to THREE FILMS (3) may be checked out at one time for up to TEN (10) DAYS. 

These DVDs are the property of Rocky Mountain Women’s Film. Use is authorized for private home screenings only. Reproduction or public showings of these films, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. If you are interested in showing a film to a larger audience, please contact RMWF to make arrangements with the appropriate distributor and/or filmmaker.


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