Legacy Gift: A Storyteller and Super Fan

August 2022

On behalf of the Walldorf family we would like to offer a donation to Rocky Mountain Women’s Film in recognition of their 35 year legacy in this community and in memory of our father and husband, Steven Paul Walldorf, who passed away this past February. With this gift we will match, dollar for dollar, every donation made to RMWF, up to $35,000.

My dad was a storyteller. He started every story with a thesis statement – something that I teased him about continuously. “Always read the fine print…” “Never pay a speeding ticket with a check made out personally to the judge…” true story for my dad and a lesson learned after ironically being asked to make payment to Judge Crummy for a traffic ticket in his early 20s.

He told his stories with energy, gesticulating with each inflection and always circling back to his thesis statement as a lesson learned or a big punch line. I think that’s what he loved about film and specifically the films shared through RMWF – you always walk away with something. You were entertained, you learned something, you were called to action — storytelling through film was the next level for my dad.

Everyone in my family is a super-fan of RMWF, and my father was no exception. He was hooked after his first Festival which was in 2008, a year after I moved here and my first year working as a volunteer organizer. When your kids get involved in something, as a parent, you are somewhat obligated to follow suit. Maybe that’s why my parents attended the first year, but my dad never needed an excuse after that.  

As RMWF programming expanded from the Festival into year-round events, like Shorts Night and Wheel to Reel, my parents attended it all, volunteered to help, and were sponsors. They even flew out early each fall to help take care of my kids so that I could put more time into the Festival planning, especially as my volunteer role turned into the full-time position it is today. My dad loved the films, but he also loved shared experience and the opportunity to connect with family and friends. He loved watching me work at something that was my passion, but that impassioned the community around us. 

So in honor of my dad, the storyteller, our family would like to help ensure that RMWF has the ability to create inspired, engaging spaces for film and community for years to come.

Please consider contributing to the match at any level that is meaningful to you and doubling your impact on Rocky Mountain Women’s Film. As for the Walldorf family, we’ll see you at the Festival in November — always!

Karen, Mary Anne & Jenny Walldorf

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