Best of the Fest

Praying for Armageddon

A political thriller that reveals the power and influence of U.S. fundamentalist Evangelicals as they aim to fulfill the Armageddon prophecy.

When My Sleeping Dragon Woke

Veteran actor Sharon Washington commits to writing a play about her fairytale childhood living inside a New York public library, but there’s an unforeseen cost – waking the family dragon she thought she’d silenced decades ago.

Swimming Through

Three women forge a friendship by swimming daily at sunrise through the winter in Lake Michigan to cope with the pandemic.

For the Record

Running out of time and money, editor/publisher Laurie Ezzell Brown battles an oil bust, a global pandemic, and a growing mistrust of the media as she tries to keep her newspaper alive in rural Texas.

Eat Flowers

When photographer Cig Harvey discovers her best friend has cancer, she sets out to fill her world with color and light. Eat Flowers is film about living.

Dear Thirteen

Dear Thirteen weaves together nine stories of thirteen-year-olds from across the globe. Video diaries and candid interviews reveal how global issues are shaping – and being shaped by – young people: rising anti-Semitism in Europe, guns in America, gender identity and racial divisions across Australia and Asia. This empathetic portrait of a new generation goes beyond stereotypes of adolescence to capture the complexity of finding a way into adulthood today.

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