Women Of the Wall

Feminism arrived at the Western Wall in Jerusalem in the form a devout women’s prayer group started in 1989. Despite verbal and physical threats these women fought for the right to pray in this holy space. In spite of a landmark court ruling this summer expanding the interpretation of Judaism in Israel, the fight continues …

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William’s wife of forty-five years has died. Local widow women are kind and he is trying to adjust to life alone. It’s just that Ruth’s cow, Tulip, needs to be milked, but she wants nothing to do with him. Another great Australian short.

Stranger With A Camera

In 1967 in rural Kentucky a man was killed. As happens sometimes, outsider’s good intentions are perceived as intrusive and threatening. The murdered man was Hugh O’Connor, a Canadian documentarian. The man who shot him was Hobart Ison, a reclusive landowner. Thirty years later a local filmmaker sets out to explore the complexity of the …

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See Me

“What do you see, nurse, what do you see when you look at me?” As a gentle maintenance man goes quietly from room to room in a nursing home late at night, a beautiful dance of full lives, loves and dreams unfolds. This small, exquisite nine-minute short will haunt you, as will Celeste Holm’s reading …

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