Rememberer, The

Increasingly in our complex frenetic lives we long for simplicity. Here there is a young man so melancholy about the way things are that he de-evolves. His mystified lover watches helplessly. Remember Altered States in the 70s?

Pets: A Very Natural History

“There are some simple truths . . . and the dogs know what they are”-Joseph Duerner. Cat people, dog people, beloved horses, birds . . . even snakes: this film speaks to the incredible bond we forged as we domesticated wild creatures. Some of these stories will make you smile or cry and some will …

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One Day Crossing

The last days of the World War II. A young Jewish family poses as Christian to survive and maintain their daily lives. Nominated for Best Live Action Short, 2001 Academy Awards.

Life Afterlife

Forty percent of Americans say they have had some sort of after death communication. This film focuses on science, philosophy, and everyday people seeking hope in loss.

Long Night’s Journey into Day

In the wake of apartheid’s bloody past, South Africa has chosen a unique solution-the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Four diverse stories are told in this film. Nominated for Best Feature Length Documentary, 2001 Academy Awards.

Judy’s Time

Judy’s daughter, Erin, presents a loving portrait of her mother, an ironman competitor.

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