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As We Were
On a winter afternoon, Alex must realize the importance of family and her responsibility for her grandfather, remembering that he had done the same for her when she was little.
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As We Were

Running Time
Short Film
13 minutes
Narrative, Short, Student Film

As We Were

Teenage girl Alex is given the task to take care of her grandfather, John, who has Alzheimer’s, when her parents are both out of town after her orchestra practice on a Saturday. Her patience soon wears off after John asks her the same questions over and over again. While hiding in her room, Alex receives an invitation from her best friend, Jackie, to hang out with Sam, a boy she has a secret crush on. She eventually sneaks out of the house when John falls asleep on the couch.

When John wakes up, he “realizes” that he’s late to pick up eight-year-old Alex from school. He leaves the house in a rush, forgetting his jacket, to find younger Alex. However, when he arrives at the elementary school, there is no sign of younger Alex, and a teacher tells him that everyone has been picked up about an hour ago. Confused and lost, John walks down the streets mindlessly in the cold weather.

Alex walks home while still feeling dreamy about that awkward, yet cute moment with Sam in front of the movie theater. As she opens the door to the living room, she realizes John’s no longer sleeping on the couch.

She rushes out of the door but John is nowhere to be found. At the moment when Alex is about to give up, she finds an orange-flavor lollipop in John’s jacket pocket. Remembering her childhood memory with her grandpa, Alex eventually finds John in an empty park pushing an empty swing. Alex realizes that even though her grandpa may have forgotten many things, he still loves her and cares about her as much as when she was a little girl. She holds his hand, and the two walks home together.

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  • 2019
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