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Beauty Mark
In this courageous, deeply personal new film, Diane Israel examines Western culture's toxic emphasis on thinness, beauty, and physical perfection. Israel, a psychotherapist and former champion triathlete, talks candidly about her own struggle with eating disorders and obsessive exercising, fearlessly confronting her own painful past as she tries to come to terms with our unhealthy fixation on self-destructive ideals of beauty and competitiveness. The film lends context to Israel's personal odyssey with fascinating insights from athletes, body builders, fashion models, and inner-city teens, as well as prominent cultural critics and authors such as Eve Ensler, Paul Campos, and Naomi Wolf.
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Beauty Mark

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Beauty Mark

Award-winning University of Colorado at Boulder film Professor Kathleen Man’s new film is about body image and how the personal and cultural demands for beauty and perfection in America nearly destroyed the life of one Boulder, Colo. woman.

This is the true story of a triathlon champion whose body collapsed at the pinnacle of her career. No longer able to compete, she begins a journey to confront her obsessions with perfection and control.

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  • 2007
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