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Between Us
Mary Katzke got both the idea and the money for her latest documentary unexpectedly: via a life-threatening illness. Misdiagnosed in 1991, Katzke later found she had advanced breast cancer, requiring massive chemotherapy. Dropped by her insurance company, she sued her doctor to cover medical bills, promising herself that if she survived five years, she’d make a film for other women in the same crisis. With her settlement, she created a life-affirming video, Between Us, for hospitals to give to new breast cancer patients.
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Between Us

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Between Us

“When veteran filmmaker Mary Katzke was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, her only experience with the disease was watching her mother die from it nine years earlier. She searched in vain for a film that would show long-term survivors who honestly portrayed their experiences with the disease. She made a commitment that if she made her five year anniversary, she would create the film she so desperately needed at the time. Positive and informative in nature, Between Us: The Girlfriends Inside Guide to Facing Breast Cancer is the realization of that dream with a theme of ‘survivor mentorship’.

Through the voices and faces of a wide cross-section of women of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds, we hear the inside story of facing treatment and recovery from a disease we all believed would lead to our demise. It is a very personal, intimate, and candid film that is finding a surprising number of additional and unexpected venues for use as a sensitivity training tool for surgeons to a gift of hope for husbands and families.”

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  • 1998
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