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black enuf*
A queer oddball seeks approval from Black peers despite a serious lack of Hip-Hop credentials.
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black enuf*

Running Time
Short Film
23 minutes
Animated, Short

black enuf*

A Queer oddball seeks approval from Black peers despite a serious lack of Hip-Hop credentials and a family that ‘talks white’. The quest for a Black Card (undeniable acceptance of their racial identity) takes them from Missouri, to New York, and halfway around the world. The animated documentary, black enuf*, examines the expanding black identity through a personal journey. The film interweaves stories from their great-grandmother’s autobiography, interviews of family & friends, and hand-drawn memories. Tongue-and-cheek humor makes such a heavy topic easier to digest. The visuals mix Monty Python style cut outs, infographics, watercolor, and a variety of illustrative styles. We’re all on a quest for acceptance.

Filmmaker Notes:

black enuf* is on a mission for Black Queer representation and inclusion. As a Black, Queer, and Gender non-conforming person, I feel it is important to share my story and the story of my Black family to add to expanding narratives of people of Color. Growing up, I didn’t see stories of Black Atheists or Queer people very often, if at all! In terms of crew, I aimed to work with as many people of color as I could including the sound designer, editor, colorist, and social media team. Consulting with a producer of color also aided me on my way. The amazing end track came from a hard-rock band lead by a Black woman. The voice actors hail from different backgrounds including Jewish immigrant, white people, Black folks from the continent and ones born in the USA including me, a Queer oddball from Missouri.

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  • 2018
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