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Finding Hillywood
An award-winning documentary about the very beginning of Rwanda's film industry and a real-life example of the power of film to heal a man and a nation.
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Finding Hillywood

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58 minutes

Finding Hillywood

Set amongst the hills of Rwanda, FINDING HILLYWOOD chronicles one man’s road to forgiveness, his effort to heal his country, and the realization that we all must one day face our past. A unique and endearing phenomenon film about the very beginning of Rwanda’s film industry and the pioneers who bring local films to rural communities, on a giant inflatable movie screen. For most Rwandan’s this is the first time they have seen a film, let alone one in their local language, “Kinyarwanda.” Thousands of people show up to watch films in stadiums next to mass graves, and locations where horrible crimes took place during the genocide.


FINDING HILLYWOOD is a real life example of the power of film to heal a man and a nation.

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  • 2014
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