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Once There Was a Sea
Once upon a time there was a sea… Aral Sea. The sea that has vanished. And along with the sea, seaside life and work disappeared. Only the dead desert terrain remained here, and wrecks of huge fishing boats lying in the sand… and people who have been living on the shores of the dry port for years, dreaming of high water and longing to sail at least once again. A film about consequences of human decisions and actions, how they can affect daily life of one Uzbek town and its inhabitants. As the reporter Ryszard Kapuściński states: “There is no such nonsense a human mind could not invent.”
Screening day / time
  • : Block 1 – 9:00am

Once There Was a Sea

Running Time
Short Film
17 minutes
Documentary, Short

Once There Was a Sea

Last human stories from the glittering bottom of dying Aral Sea.

Svetlana stares into the salt desert with her only eye. Gulshat runs an empty hotel. Captain records traces of the vanishing sea, and Sergei drives tourists across its bare, glittering seabed. The last people of Mo´ynoq who remember the original shore of drying Aral Sea… Their days are intertwined with memories of the glorious past of the fishing power and dreams of the return of the great water. The present is a cemetery of ships that will never set sail from the port again.

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Year(s) screened
  • 2022
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Screening Day / Time
  • : Block 1 – 9:00am
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