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A decision delayed for decades allows a Kansas City family to finally unify when they do something that countless African Americans before them could not do—choose their own last name.
Screening day / time
  • Oct 21 (Sat): Block 2 - 11:10am
  • Oct 26-29: Virtual Encore


Running Time
Short Film
13 minutes
Documentary, Short


PARKER invites you into one family’s intimate journey that has been decades in the making. Centered around three tight-knit generations of the Parker family, this short documentary will leave you wanting to hold your loved ones a little closer.

Sedoria and Adolphus Parker met when they were both serving in the military. Sedoria was technically married at the time, but Adolphus couldn’t keep from watching her as she walked through the armory. Though separated from her husband, Sedoria wasn’t immediately impressed with Adolphus’s reputation as a player. But with a little persistence, Adolphus was able to catch her attention.

The two struck up a romance and eventually became pregnant with their son, Matt. Even though she was separated, Matt legally had to have Sedoria’s then-husband’s last name of Harris. Years of misunderstanding and decades of delay caused Matt to still have the last name Harris when he married and had kids of his own.

Now, determined to carry on the dwindling Parker name, two generations of this family are taking the step to change their last name as they wrestle with what legacy really means.

PARKER is a cinematic experience with handheld shots that take us into the Parker’s homes and make us feel a part of the family. Archival photos come alive with playful animations that teleport us to the disco with Adolphus and Sedoria in the early days of their romance. Levity abounds in the conversations between family members.

This film reflects a theme sorely missing on screen – Black joy. Though PARKER grapples with some of the complicated themes of naming in the African American community, the Parker family navigates it all with charm and a love that radiates off the screen.

Film details
Year(s) screened
  • 2023
Where to Watch
Festival screenings
Screening Day / Time
  • Oct 21 (Sat): Block 2 - 11:10am
  • Oct 26-29: Virtual Encore
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