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Veronica is new to a modern dance company and must prepare a duet with another newcomer James. Serious and disciplined, Veronica keeps him at a distance, but while rehearsing they become friends. James sees Veronica looking at him one day, and he asks her out to a concert. She says no; she doesn’t want to complicate work. Tension builds between them as Veronica denies James’ advances and continues practicing for the final performance.
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9 minutes


Veronica, a young dancer, is starting a new season with a modern dance company. She hopes to dance in New York City with her sister, Jen, and is paired with another newcomer James for a duet. He seems open and confident; Veronica resists his charm at first, but they soon become friends, and James asks her to a concert one night. Taken aback, Veronica says no. Her roommate presses her, but Veronica explains that she doesn’t want to complicate work.
Afterward, the energy in rehearsals seems lost. Veronica becomes frustrated as James makes mistakes in choreography and uncomfortable that he continues to pursue her.
Tension between the pair builds in their final rehearsals before the performance. James tries to apologize for his advances, but Veronica doesn’t accept. They walk on stage in silence, the house lights fade, and the duet begins.

Filmmaker Notes:

“Solo” could not have been possible without the help of the Colorado College film and media program and the Ormao Dance Company of Colorado Springs. Tom was lucky enough to work with Ormao in 2014, and he would like to thank especially Jan Johnson and the two lead actors and dancers in the film, Venese Alcantar Medovich and David Foster. “Solo” would not have been possible without their time and passion and the passion of our cast and crew. Tom, Elle, and Andrew could not be more humbled and excited to screen as part of RMWFF 2016.

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  • 2016
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