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Student Spotlight: Estamos
Ana and Sergio are not only immigrants, but also parents to a teenage son and a growing daughter with Dandy-Walker Syndrome. They navigate their lives in Crete, Nebraska, as Sergio learns English and Ana runs errands as well as her own salon.
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Student Spotlight: Estamos

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13 minutes

Student Spotlight: Estamos

A car is parked in a handicap spot. Inside the car, constraints that hold a wheelchair in place are loosened and the wheelchair is rolled out into the bright blinding world. Ana and Cecilia begin their day as they run their errands for the day. Meanwhile, on his day off, Sergio studies and practices his English. Ana lights up at work as she talks about her daughter with her clients. She reveals the many things that Cecilia is able to do despite her condition- she then goes home after a long day and trims Cecilia’s bangs, and has a lighthearted moment with Christian. Sergio goes to his ESL class, and the lessons his teacher give hit a little close to home. Ana takes Cecilia to her weekly physical therapy, where her therapists help stimulate her senses, put her shoes on, and stand up. They go to the zoo together as a family and see the many wondrous aspects that it has to offer for their family. Back in the car, they go home.

Filmmaker Notes:

There was always a curiosity and deeper appreciation about the way that Sergio and Ana (my tio/tia – aunt & uncle) navigated their lives, especially after Cecilia was born. I wanted my audience to see an immigrant family narrative in a distinct light. Thus, this was filmed entirely in cinéma vérité, to really allow the camera to unfold, to non-intrusively tell their story.

Sergio may not fully speak English, but he is learning. Cecilia cannot walk, but she still gets shoes on her feet. She may not talk, but she still has a voice. It is a never-ending struggle, but together, they stand.

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  • 2017
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