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The Journey
The Journey is the story of a father and daughter reunion. From Montreal’s airport, they will travel along a chaotic path, where their inability to find each other will unveil a complicated and toxic relationship and have them drift from their initial course irrevocably.
Screening day / time
  • : Virtual Encore
  • : Block 2 – 11:00am

The Journey

Running Time
Short Film
22 minutes
Narrative, Short

The Journey

After a year away from home, Chantale, who now lives and studies in Paris, returns to Quebec City, to spend the Holidays with her mother and sister. Against all odds, her father, with whom she has a contentious relationship, has offered to pick her up at the airport and drive her there. Hesitant about seeing him again, she accepts his offer nonetheless.

The Journey, tells the story of their reunion: a path strewn with obstacles, where nothing goes as planned. As night falls and the Father deviates from the planned route, Chantale will be faced with the hold he has on her and will need to take action.

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Year(s) screened
  • 2021
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Screening Day / Time
  • : Virtual Encore
  • : Block 2 – 11:00am
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