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Voices of Grief, Honoring the Sacred Journey
Shares a fresh perspective on the many ways we navigate successfully through grief or companion others along their journey.  Wisdom from contemporary authors, grief experts and spiritual teachers is woven through personal stories of loss to explore the roles of compassion, community and connection in this sacred journey.
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Voices of Grief, Honoring the Sacred Journey

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40 minutes

Voices of Grief, Honoring the Sacred Journey

Death is universal, and grief is a natural consequence of love. Cultures throughout history and the world practice rituals around death and they mourn in community. Why, then is grieving so difficult for our 21st century society? What have we forgotten? What do we need to remember?

“Voices of Grief, Honoring the Sacred Journey” explores the impact of our modern western culture on the expression and experience of grief: our disconnection to our emotions and our community and the impact of unresolved sorrow on our bodies. It is solution-oriented, encompassing ways to overcome our culturally-imposed restrictions of the grief process. It explores the ancient wisdom of attending to the heart and soul of grief.

The documentary film interweaves individuals’ personal stories of loss and healing together with the insight of nationally renowned experts in the fields of grief and mourning. The film provides both an educational tool for those in bereavement and encourages a more compassionate way for us to return to community and bring this vital part of our life back to the personal rather than the virtual. We show that the goal is not to get over grief; we reconcile and integrate the experience, enabling the possibility of transforming grief into something greater as we carry on the legacy of our beloved.

Filmmaker Notes:

The initial inspiration to create this film was generated through the RMWFF and seeing the power of film to drive social change.  We are excited for this opportunity to share this “labor of love” with the community that played such a significant role in making this film possible.

The film is created to engage a general audience, but we’re also committed to reaching where the need is the greatest.  We’re building our base of impact locally, but intend to share this globally.  To that end, we’re committed to making the film available for use by all hospices nationwide at no cost.

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  • 2016
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