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Western Jubilee
Western Jubilee is about a small recording studio in Colorado Springs devoted to the idea of keeping cowboy music alive. This film features Scott O'Malley, the owner of Western Jubilee and Grammy Nominated cowboy singer Don Edwards. These two men share a friendship, a history, and a love love of cowboy music.
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Western Jubilee

Running Time
10 minutes

Western Jubilee

Western Jubilee Recording Studio is situated in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is dedicated to keeping cowboy music alive for future generations. Owned by Scott O’Malley, an avid collector of all things western, his studio celebrates and promotes the music of the old West.

WESTERN JUBILEE features Don Edwards, a cowboy singer and guitarist who performs Western music. He has recorded several albums, two of which Saddle Songs and Songs of the Cowboy are included in the Folklore Archives of the Library of Congress. Edwards played the character of Smokey in Robert Redford’s Horse Whisper.

Filmmaker Notes:

Mother and son, Donna and Colin Guthrie, co-directed, shot and edited Western Jubilee. This is their third collaboration, other films include THE WEDDING GOWN PROJECT, One Dream, One Dress and SPARK & KILN.

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  • 2017
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