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Young at Heart
When a widow and widower, both artists, meet on a vacation tour, they start a tale that dreams are made of. Although their interest in art provides a strong bond, it is their differences which bring a fresh, lively element to their marriage and the film. Together they reaffirm that love and romance can happen at any age for the clear eyed and open hearted.
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Young at Heart

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28 minutes

Young at Heart

1987 ACADEMY AWARD Best Documentary Short Subject
Two widowed artists in their mid-eighties meet on a painting trip and fall in love. They are much like the odd couple — he’s a gentle soul, she’s a fiesty dame. Their artistic styles and tastes are as different as they are. Young at Heart will make you laugh out loud and it may even make you shed a tear or two. It’s a true story which proves “fairy tales can come true… if you’re young at heart.” You won’t forget Young at Heart. It appeals to young and old alike. This film is timeless and also reminds us that time waits for no one. Broadcast Internationally.


“Their love story as rebellious octogenarians is surely the definitive romance of the 80′s.

“I loved your documentary and that wonderful couple! The Oscar went to the right filmmaker”

“Arguably the most joyous 30 minutes this year. Put quite simply, Young at Heart makes us feel better about life” — LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER

“Inspiring, moving and amusing. The vibrant personality of the two subjects makes it tick.”

“Captures the spirit of two remarkable older Americans whose zest for painting, living, and each other is quite simply inspiring. I wish I knew them.” — JEFFREY GABEL, PBS

“A deeply moving, constantly amusing, thoroughly delightful film about some of the most basic emotions and issues in our lives.” — LAWRENCE KASDAN, Director. Writer, Producer Body Heat, The Big Chill, Grand Canyon

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  • 1988
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