Talk Black

A timid engineer develops a wild and expressive split personality to help her speak up to the boy’s club at work.


Sometimes, a crazy looking person enters the subway, and suddenly, a void is created around him. But what would happen if you chose to stay and treat him kindly? Perhaps, you would discover that inside him, there is someone who was once sane. Or maybe, you would discover, that deep down, we are all a little insane.


Inspired by true events, Carmen is a charming story set in a village in the Mediterranean island Malta. Carmen (Natascha McElhone) has looked after her brother, the priest at the local church, since she was sixteen years old. Now almost fifty, she is suddenly left to start a new life. Facing her past, Carmen brings color to the lives of the villagers in this compelling story about a woman finding her voice.

Help Me Mary

Mary is a hospice nurse on the brink of burnout. When a desperate man with an unusual dilemma begs Mary for help, she’s forced to reckon with the thing she’s been avoiding: feeling all of it.

Summer Animals

Tommy makes a drastic decision in order for her siblings to escape the heat before the summer’s over.


A high school basketball player struggles to fit in, on and off the court.

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