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Choked Up
Screening day / time
  • Oct 21 (Sat): After Dark – 8pm

Choked Up

Running Time
Short Film
13 minutes
Narrative, Short

Choked Up

A comedy about the insanity of modern politics and social media whataboutery. A tickly cough derails the career-defining live tv interview of MP Fiona Lacey (Maxine Peake) – Minister for the Environment. Trying to deliver a serious and important message about the Climate Crisis, her career takes a nosedive, perpetuated by political pundits, keyboard warriors and social media influencers. Under increasingly aggressive questioning by news anchor Robert West (Adam James), can she turn things around before it’s too late?

Filmmaker Notes:

Choked Up originated through a screenwriting challenge competition called NYC Midnight. As I’m quite new to writing, I’ve been using these challenges to hone my writing skills and discover the genres that excite me the most. The challenge for this round was to write a political satire. Yikes. I didn’t know where to start. But you know what… I really got into it. I was able to channel my frustrations with modern politics, toxic social media and treatment of women in the public eye into the narrative, and it was so cathartic! I’m always looking for that sweet spot between humour and pathos, and I love building those highs and lows into the narrative. Choked Up is dead funny, but it has a serious message, delivered perfectly by the amazing Maxine Peake. She’s one of the busiest women in the industry so I can’t thank her enough for taking a chance on this short.

Film details
Year(s) screened
  • 2023
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