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Any Wednesday
Any Wednesday is a sensitive, delicate drama of disparate souls reaching for connection. Two people - separated by age, race, class, and even diagnoses - bond in their frail humanity.
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Any Wednesday

Running Time
Short Film
36 minutes
Narrative, Short

Any Wednesday

Agnes, 79 and in the early stages of dementia, has a flat tire on a dark and rainy evening. C’Mo, a homeless Iraq war veteran with PTSD changes her tire and asks her for money. He then asks for a ride. She can’t say no. Their connection passes through her fear and his persistence to an unexpected bonding. While she struggles to remember, he can’t forget. Inspired by true events, ANY WEDNESDAY brings together for one evening, the most unlikely of travel companions.

Filmmaker Notes:

TRUTH: As a filmmaker I’ve come to know the many truths in the story of just one life: Truth of your subject’s life (what really happened) and truth in how she presents her life (the way she wants the world to know her). Then the filmmaker’s truth–what she sees in her subject that she believes is true–and how that original truth can change as the film progresses. At some point is there the realization that the truth is better told by writing a script and hiring actors?

OLD AGE: After Irving’s death (my partner in love and the movies) I wrote 4 scripts on the subject of grief and desire in old age. Any Wednesday is the first. I am old and I know how to write real stories about old people. We are different and we are the same as the young. We are related to our young selves. As one of my characters says, “We don’t forget the past, we only forget the moment we’re in.” The protagonists in my stories (including Agnes in Any Wednesday) are very much in this moment—the moment that quickly vanishes, and the past, that lingers, but is irretrievable. Old age is a country of darkness. We, who live here, strike matches. In these film stories, matches are struck that become bright daylight or lightning strikes or chandeliers that illuminate our lives.

Allie Light

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  • 2018
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