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Why is it so important to be a boy or a girl?
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Running Time
Short Film
7 minutes
Documentary, Short


Why is it so important to be a boy or a girl? Wen Long naturally and candidly explains that she was born intersex. The nine-year-old wears both boys’ and girls’ clothes and plays with toys intended for both genders. The only problem is that others don’t know what to think of this. People say: ‘If you are boy and girl at the same time, you are basically nothing’. Wen Long isn’t interested in making a choice, but mainly just wants to be herself.

This insightful, playful documentary reveals how preposterous the imposed binary gender divide really is. Clothing, toys, toilets – everything is strictly separated. The societal taboo on intersex causes problems. A typical example is the fact that Wen Long’s teacher considers the subject unsuitable for children, even though it is an entirely natural phenomenon that also occurs in the animal kingdom. So why is it weird in humans?

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  • 2021
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