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Sea Change
In a historic self-shot adventure, eight GoPro cameras capture the harrowing 6,689 mile journey of Afrikaners, Vasti Geldenhuys and Riaan Manser as they attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to New York in a rowboat.
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Sea Change

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75 minutes

Sea Change

Vasti and Riaan risk their lives and their relationship on the Atlantic Ocean. They battle nature and each other for more than four months rowing nearly 7,000 miles and making history in the process.

Captured entirely by GoPro Cameras, Sea Change follows their epic journey from the shores of Morocco to their months alone at sea as they suffer life and death crises that test the limits of human endurance and their relationship. This is a trip of trial, tribulation, and transformation as they discover who they truly are and what they mean to each other.

Between the film’s powerful female protagonist and its predominantly female-driven team of storytellers and filmmakers (including its Director, Executive Producer and Co-Producer) who brought this self-shot adventure to life, Sea Change is thrilled to be screening at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival.

The film’s Director, Dana Schwartz, is a talented storyteller and serial multitasker at heart. She has produced four other feature documentary films including titles such as Paper Tigers, Resilience, California Typewriter, and The United States of Detroit; with both Paper Tigers and Resilience dedicated to examining the positive impact on trauma-informed communities who use the power of education and science to tackle the biology of stress. For its debut screening in 2016, Resilience premiered to sold-out crowds at the Sundance Film Festival, and continues to be screened across the nation at festivals and conferences.

One of Resilience’s most noteworthy and influential appearances included a special screening at a national conference for The White House Council for Women and Girls.

While her prior films may have left some big shoes for Sea Change to fill, the documentary has already made quite a splash in the world of independent films in just a few short months. Throughout the spring and summer of 2018, Sea Change was accepted to numerous film festivals, including WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival where it received the Special Jury Remy Award as well as DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival where it was an Official Selection and the “fan favorite” runner-up.

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  • 2018
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