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Women in Blue
After the fatal shooting of an unarmed woman by a police officer rocks the police department, Chief Hartneau is pushed out and a new male chief takes over, appointing only men to top level positions, threatening the gains that the women have made within the force. Women in Blue explores these women as they continue their fight for gender equality, and explores a deeper look at race, violence and diversity within policing in America.
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Women in Blue

Running Time
Feature Film
82 minutes

Women in Blue

Filmed from 2017-2020, WOMEN IN BLUE follows Minneapolis’ first female police chief Janeé Harteau, as she works to reform the Minneapolis Police Department by getting rid of bad cops, retraining the rest, diversifying the ranks and promoting women—who statistically use less force than their male counterparts—into every rank of leadership. The film focuses on four women in Harteau’s department, each trying to redefine what it means to protect and serve.  After a high-profile, officer-involved shooting forces Chief Harteau to resign, the new, male chief selects only men as his top brass.   The women left behind, must grapple with working to rebuild community trust, in a department where women have lost power.

WOMEN IN BLUE offers an unprecedented view into the inner workings of the MPD, chronicling a department—and a community—grappling with racism and a troubled history of police misconduct long before an MPD officer killed George Floyd in May of 2020. The film reveals the limitations of police reform through incremental change and asks questions that apply well beyond the city of Minneapolis.  Could increased gender equity and more women —especially women of color— contribute to greater public safety?

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  • 2020
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