Student Film


In his film LONELY HIGHWAY, 18 year old filmmaker Andy Kwiatkowski shares what life was like growing up with autism. In TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, 14-year-old filmmaker Samuel Faux introduces his audience to apraxia of speech which has affected him since he began speaking.

As We Were

On a winter afternoon, Alex must realize the importance of family and her responsibility for her grandfather, remembering that he had done the same for her when she was little.


Tea tells the story of her childhood which included a life-threatening illness that necessitated open heart and brain surgeries all before the age of ten. The trauma of these events led to debilitating depression in high school, including forced admission to a psychiatric hospital. Tea’s film SURVIVING intimately recounts these events while revealing her own personal battle to slay the demons that threatened her will to live. 


LABELED explores the process of stereotyping and the ways in which pre-conceptions impact how people see each other. Using connections to her own faith community in Colorado Springs, including her youth pastor, a Hip Hop Christian dance company and a local tattoo parlor, Hadassah created a lively and vibrant portrayal of Christians who don’t always fit the stereotypes. LABELED is an unexpected and multi-dimensional account of a diverse cross section of believers.

Love Me

Josh’s parents emigrated from China to Colorado in order to have a second child (in response to China’s one-child policy). Josh was raised navigating two cultures: his traditional Chinese background and an American way of life, often observing the differences and dissonances between the two. In his film LOVE ME, Josh candidly questions the ways in which he was raised, including intense pressures to succeed. In doing so, he poses questions about how young people can find self love and true passions while negotiating societal expectations.

Finding Home

One year ago, Yolande left the island of Jamaica with her mother and siblings to join her grandmotherin Colorado Springs. In FINDING HOME, Yolande tells the story of what it means to leave your homeland and everything that you know and love to explore new opportunities in a strange new country. She recounts her story as a new immigrant and the challenges and successes involved in finding a new home. 

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