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As an ongoing commitment to bring film to our community, RMWF provides one of the largest collections of film featuring the work of female filmmakers. There is a suggested donation to join the Madelyn Osur Film Library. See details below.


Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm
Call ahead – 719.226.0450
We recommend that you call before coming by to ensure someone will be in the office.


2727 N. Cascade Ave, Suite 140
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Individual Membership
    Suggested donation $20
  • Group Membership
    Suggested donation $50
    Three or more people

Barbarian Press

In the age of mechanical reproduction, this intimate, beautiful film celebrates handmade pursuits. Jan and Crispin Elsted have been making fine art books by letterpress for over 30 years. Partners in life and work, the couple are achingly aware they may be the last of a kind.

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Be Good, Smile Pretty

After typing her father’s name into a web search engine, Tracy started a quest to learn about his death on a U.S. Naval swift boat in Vietnam. This film reminds us how reaffirming remembering a life can be.

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Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada

This film provides an unusual glimpse into the lives, loves, and influences of this incredible woman artist who seems as well known for her eccentric personality as for her art.

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Between Us

Mary Katzke got both the idea and the money for her latest documentary unexpectedly: via a life-threatening illness. Misdiagnosed in 1991, Katzke later found she had advanced breast cancer, requiring massive chemotherapy. Dropped by her insurance company, she sued her doctor to cover medical bills, promising herself that if she survived five years, she’d make a film for other women in the same crisis. With her settlement, she created a life-affirming video, Between Us, for hospitals to give to new breast cancer patients.

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Bird by Bird with Annie

A portrait film about bestselling author and laugh-out-loud funny lady Anne Lamott, this film is a moving tale of survival. She is a lovable paradox, a born-again Christian and liberal activist. Spend 40 minutes with her through this film and you will wish you were meeting her for tea tomorrow.

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Blessed Is The Match

A World War II-era poet and diarist resistance fighter. She joined a mission to rescue Jews in her native Hungary and parachuted behind enemy lines. Shockingly, it was the only military rescue mission for Jews during the Holocaust.

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Born Into Brothels

This film exemplifies a once-in-a-lifetime chance the filmmaker had to change the course of the lives of the children of prostitutes in India by teaching them to make photographs. Winner for the best full length documentary at the Academy Awards in 2005.

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Born to Fly

Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity takes us on an exhilarating journey with choreographer Elizabeth Streb – pushing the boundaries between action and art and daring us to join Streb and her dancers in pursuit of human flight.

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“Bottle” is the story of an unlikely friendship between a clump of sand and a pile of snow—a far more engaging concept than it may sound and the type of story that can only be told through animation.

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Library Policy

Films are available to borrow for all local residents of the Pikes Peak Region. Up to THREE FILMS (3) may be checked out at one time for up to TEN (10) DAYS. 

These DVDs are the property of Rocky Mountain Women’s Film. Use is authorized for private home screenings only. Reproduction or public showings of these films, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. If you are interested in showing a film to a larger audience, please contact RMWF to make arrangements with the appropriate distributor and/or filmmaker.

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