Western Jubilee

Western Jubilee is about a small recording studio in Colorado Springs devoted to the idea of keeping cowboy music alive. This film features Scott O’Malley, the owner of Western Jubilee and Grammy Nominated cowboy singer Don Edwards. These two men share a friendship, a history, and a love love of cowboy music.

Western Collections

Jude Gassaway is a retired geologist who roamed the grounds of the American West for decades, gleaning all sorts of unique objects. Now, sifting through the collections that fill her home, she reflects on how collecting helped her come out of the closet in her 40s.

Waiting for Hassana

The personal account of one girl’s harrowing escape from the imprisonment of Boko Haram.

Tribal Justice

Two Native American judges, both strong women, are forging innovative justice systems to keep their people out of prison, prevent children from being taken from their communities, and stop the school-to-prison pipeline that plagues their young people. Their justice is personal, dedicated, harking back to age-old traditions to help tribal members live in the modern world. Vérité footage of these judges’ lives and work form the backbone of the documentary, while the heart of the film follows several cases in and out of their courtrooms. In their courts, Judges Abby and Claudette are modeling restorative justice in action.

To A More Perfect Union

To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v Windsor tells a story of love, marriage and a fight for equality. The film chronicles unlikely heroes — octogenarian Edie Windsor and her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, on their quest for justice. Beyond the story of what became the pivotal case in the marriage equality movement and the compelling personal, legal and political stories behind it, the film also chronicles our continued journey as a people, as a culture, and as citizens with the promise of equal rights.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous portrays the intimate journey of Gigi Lazzarato, a fearless young woman who began life as Gregory Lazzarato, posting beauty and fashion videos to YouTube from his bedroom, only to later come out as a transgender female to an audience of millions. With never-before-seen personal footage, the film provides a raw and revealing look into a life that never compromises happiness, and spotlights a family’s unwavering and unconditional love for a child.

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