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Bringing It Home
Filmmakers question why hemp, a crop with many widespread benefits, cannot be grown in America.
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Bringing It Home

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52 minutes

Bringing It Home

More industrial hemp is exported to the U.S. than to any other country and American consumers are purchasing over $450 million in hemp products annually. BRINGING IT HOME explores the question of why a crop with so many widespread benefits cannot be farmed in the United States by illustrating its history, current industries and talking to both opponents and proponents of the industrial hemp farming legalization effort. BRINGING IT HOME tells the story of hemp’s past, present and future through interviews with hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the globe, historical images and media clips, and footage filmed in the U.K, Spain, Washington D.C., California and North Carolina. The documentary aims to magnify dialogue about hemp in order to facilitate America’s transition to a more informed, sustainable, and healthy future.

Filmmaker Notes:

We made Bringing It Home with the intention of reaching a broad spectrum of viewers – from policy makers and civic groups, to farmers and health advocates, from consumers to the construction industry –with the same strategic message about how hemp offers solutions and hope. With support from the Park Foundation, BRINGING IT HOME is combining grassroots activism with audience engagement to: 1) be a catalyst for dialogue and strategic action, 2) show viewers how their purchasing power can play a strategic role in stimulating“green” economic development in their communities.

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  • 2013
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